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*DISCOVER educational and spiritual resources for today's communities of faith!

*Enrich and DEEPEN your sense of spirituality!

*Learn, grow, and develop...on YOUR schedule!

*Explore a DIVERSITY of voices and understandings!

*LEARN about new and exciting spiritual lessons and practices!

*ASK the thogh questions...and SEEK some possible answers!

*take online courses or webinars that can ASSIST you as a leader in your faith community!

*Find RESOURCES that you can use as an individual...or as a group!


SSOL provides you with online educational 

offerings that lead to enriched lives,

transfromation, and renewal!

For your life...and for your connunities of faith!


Visit us today and learn more about SSOL at!


SSOL is open to EVERYONE and is owned and operated by the Office of Formation and Leadership Development of Metropolitan Community Churches



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