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Daily Devotional for June 1


June 1                                                                Luke 16:1-9

"Well, my friend, you are in hot water this time for sure."

"Stand back, conscience. I'II handle this without your help.
Let's see, now. What can I do about this? If I just ignore the
charge, maybe it'll go away. But, maybe not... .  I could pray
for God's forgiveness, then confess and ask my boss for

"That's a good idea. The boss is known to believe in God.
Certainly your prayers will be heard."

"But no, what if my boss discharges me anyway? I'll still be
without a job. What good is forgiveness with no food on the
table? Too risky. I can't entrust these important decisions to
God. I'll handle this one myself. After all, who's in control

"Here we go again. You handled the last one and look at you

Leave me alone, conscience. I have the perfect plan. I'll just
siphon off some funds and give them to the other workers.
A regular Robin Hood they'll call me."

"My dishonest friend, you're a crafty fellow, very cleverly
thinking and scheming. You use the gifts of the world to great
advantage for yourself. Now learn to be as clever in matters
of the Spirit."

Jesus commends the dishonest servant, not for his dishonesty,
but for his shrewdness. Are we as astute in making use of our
material and spiritual riches as the children of darkness are?
Do we use our talents and gifts to find seemingly impossible
ways to advance the reign of God?

Such riches you possess from your Parent in heaven. Use them
today, cleverly, creatively. Watch the nearly impossible take
shape before your eyes.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.

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