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Daily Devotional for January 15

January 15                                                        John 4:27-42

                  "One sows and another reaps."

After your lengthy theological discourse with the Samaritan
woman at the well, and before her return with the towns-
people, Jesus, you took some time to teach your disciples the
dynamics of the spiritual life. Your disciples were shocked,
but they were afraid to ask you why you conversed with a
Samaritan whom any "good" Jew would despise more than
he or she would a pagan. And you conversed with a woman
who was supposed never to speak in public to a man other
than her husband. To cover their discomfort, they begged you
to take some food to eat. Replying that you had a different
kind of food, you began to teach them about cooperating rather
than competing, being benevolent rather than jealous.

Help me, God, not to seek or desire the satisfaction of public
acclaim. Let the accomplishment of good deeds be sufficient
reward for my labors. Help me, dear God, to be a faithful sower
of the seed, content to let others reap the fruits of my work.
Concern about gaining recognition is part of a competitive
model that is foreign to your Gospel spirit.

We are one human family, working your garden of creation.
Some sow, some till the land, some irrigate, some weed the
fields, some harvest the crop. We have different jobs, different
skills, different gifts, but none is more important or more
valuable than any other. All must work harmoniously and
cooperatively to produce a good harvest.

Though I may desire different skills or envy the resources of
others, help me to rejoice in the good fortune of others. I
believe that my petty jealousies will abate if I recognize, value,
and treasure the many abilities you have given me. Help me
today, God, to thank you again and again for making me the
person that I am. Amen.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  

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