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Daily Devotional for May 14


May 14                                                           John 14:21-29

"Peace, Jesus? Your parting gift to humanity was peace?"

"What do you think would have been a more fitting bequest,
my friend?"

"Well, courage. Courage to face the trials ahead. It must have
been frightening to remain in Jerusalem without you."

"I could have imparted courage, it is true. But courage without
peace soon becomes aggression. Aggression is not the way of
our God."

"Well then, wisdom. Why didn't you leave the disciples with
an extra measure of wisdom? Perhaps then the Gospel could
have been spread more rapidly, more efficiently."

Wisdom is a virtue. But wisdom by itself often leads to arro-
gance and pride. Only when it is combined with inner peace
does wisdom - even heavenly wisdom - remain humble and
effective. My friend, I am willing to answer more questions;
I will gladly discuss other gifts I might have given. But I wonder
- what about your own life? Are you not curious about my
gift to you?"

"Your gift of peace, I presume."

"Yes, peace. Are you disappointed with your inheritance?"

"Perhaps. In these days, peace seems so flimsy! So nebulous.
So impossible."

"And so it is, when designed by human hearts. My friend, I
give you another peace. Mine is the peace that transcends
earthly understanding. It is the peace that is stable when all
around you is collapsing. My peace accompanies wherever you
go, strengthens and nourishes in the very face of death. My
peace equips you to build strong bridges over hostile waters.
It calls you to view all of life thoughtfully. It encourages
harmony. It highlights truth."

"Jesus, I want this peace! What must I do?"

"Simply open your heart, my friend. Touch the peace that lies
within. Unwrap the gift already given."

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  

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