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Daily Devotional for May 5


May 5                                                                 Luke 9:28-36

It was a holy moment and Peter wanted it to last forever.
Impulsively, spontaneously, and no doubt with reasonable con-
fidence in his own handiwork, Peter suggested that he, James,
and John construct tabernacles for the great prophets of God.
He imagined booths that would protect and preserve the pro-
found - booths that would house the miraculous, that would
ensure that the sacred would endure. To Peter it seemed a
splendid idea!

The booths were not to be. Before Jesus could respond to his
passionate but naive friend, God's own presence descended.
A thick cloud rolled in, enveloped the frightened disciples,
and commanded their attention. The voice of the Almighty
spoke the only words needed: "This is my Child, my Chosen;
to this one you shall listen!"

Ponder this passage, allowing your imagination to settle where
it will. With whom do you identify? If you had been on that
mountaintop, dozing between prayers, how would you have
reacted to the sudden transformation of your teacher? When
Moses and Elijah joined Jesus, would you have believed your
senses, struggled for rationale? Perhaps you were fatigued,
hungry, or simply in need of air.

Read on, noting the contrast between life atop the mountain
and life at its base. How would you have experienced re-entry?
Now consider your own life and present circumstances. Recall
faces, scenes, and conversations of your past week. How does
the holy intersect with the ordinary?

              Sometimes my days seem so flat, God!
          So uneventful! Yet I tremble when I think of
    standing in the cloud of your presence. Resolve my
    ambivalence. Transform it by your refreshing power,
       that I might seek, recognize, and embrace each
        holy moment. Forgive my schemes, my foolish
               attempts to control your Spirit. When I
              lose perspective, center me once again
                       in your unique Child, Jesus.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.198

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