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Daily Devotional for May 1


May 1                                                              Luke 9:18-27

You stand before me, eyebrows arched in a question. "And
who do you think I am?"

Defensive and unprepared, I reply, "I know what I've been

"Ah, yes. But what do you believe?"

Glancing up, I'm ready to attack. But there is no sarcasm in
your eyes. Rather, they reflect genuine, intense interest. Clear
and open, they draw me in... .  I swallow the lump forming
in my throat - why do I want to cry?

"I simply asked who you think I am. What has that triggered
in you?"

Somehow, looking into your face, I know I can risk honesty.
"It's your words, Jesus. Your words about denying myself to
follow you. I've spent years establishing my identity. To ask
me now to surrender the self I've found - to even consider
that I would let someone else control me... ."

You sigh, and I must look away. I've offended you, I'm sure.
Maybe even lost my soul. But you asked!

"My friend," you whisper, "do you think I haven't watched
you climb your way to health and self-esteem? I've been there
beside you, enabling, celebrating your very life. Why would
I crush it now?"

"But you said... ."

What I said was, what will you gain by winning the whole
world, at the cost of your true self? It's only your false self
you must deny if you come with me."

I step to the very edge of my theology and recall the symbols
of my faith. Cross. Lamb. Crown. Manger. Mystery unfolds. I
choose to understand. You are not merely a man; you are God
incarnate. Friend. Liberator. Redeemer. It is safe. I will follow.

from The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C


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