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Metropolitan Community Church of Pittsburgh is a member church of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). MCC was formed in 1968 by Rev. Troy Perry as a Christian Church founded for the LGBTQ community whose primary mission is to provide a safe and open place to for our community to worship God.


  • We seek to provide a place where all people can meet God as they are and proudly proclaim that they are loved and valued children of God.

  • We seek to provide an environment where each individual can transform spiritually and personally into the glorious creation God calls them to become.

  • We seek to create ministries to provide services that will help meet human needs and share Gods love in South Western Pennsylvania.

  • We seek to support a community who is working actively to change local and national laws and culture to achieve equal rights for all people.

  • We seek to work within the international body of Metropolitan Community Churches as they strive to achieve social justice and human rights throughout the world.

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