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Daily Devotional for October 25

October 25                                                  Matthew 12:1-14

For weeks, the clerks in an office near mine were despondent.
They fell behind in their filing and correspondence. Phones
went unanswered. At times, the workers even wept.

My heart went out to them as I watched them grieve for a
former co-worker. They had watched this friend fall in love
and marry. They had shared and celebrated each milestone
with her. They had been saddened a few years back when she
had left her job. But they were elated later when she gave birth
to a daughter.

Now this friend's young child was dying. The former co-
workers felt helpless, unable to ease the burden that had
befallen their friend, powerless to spare the young mother her

Then an amazing thing happened. One of the clerks came up
with an idea that changed their entire outlook: They would
throw a community-wide festival to raise money for the young
family. No longer were they helpless. The idea, a seemingly
simple thing, energized them. Just as they had celebrated the
good times with their friend, they would now share the hard

Much had to be done, but when the day of the festival came,
the clerks were ready. Invitations had gone out and were read
that morning at the beginning of church services throughout
the community.

Like other pastors, my minister shared the news of the festival.
When he finished, though, he did an amazing thing. He told
his followers that the festival was bad, unholy, because it was
being held on the Sabbath.

I didn't wait to hear his sermon. I took the hand of my healthy
child and walked out of the church. My Jesus was at the festival.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989


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