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Daily Devotional for May 27

May 27                                                          Luke 14:12-24

Dear Jesus, we were invited to your dinner. You sent your
prophets to call us at the appointed time. You made all
necessary provisions for our enjoyment. But we were so busy.
Our demanding careers consumed all our energy. Our financial
commitments and consumer drives claimed all our resources.
Our social calendars demanded all our time. We begged to be
excused from your invitation to celebrate and relax in the
warmth of your love and generosity. We just did not need your
gifts. We were content with what we already had. So we
refused to come.

In anger you turned away from us. You rejected us in our
wealth, self-satisfaction, and comfort because we were too
proud to accept your free gifts. We had other agendas. We
had everything we needed. Nothing could be withheld from
us. We dominated the world. No one could refuse us.

Except you. We had no hold over you. Our economic and
military power could not affect your realm. Your realm knew
no economic indicators, no pride of position, no force of arms.
Our markets and missiles could not penetrate the power of
your love. You turned your back on us because we did not
believe we needed you.

So you called on those who did not deserve our notice. You
invited the homeless, the battered housewife and child, the
AIDS patient. You drew the alcoholic and drug abuser, the
criminal and robber, the sick and disabled, into your home.
They expected nothing from you because they had received
nothing from us. You welcomed them. You healed them. You
loved them. They became the citizens of your realm because
they were humble enough to accept your invitation. They
knew only that you had received them.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C

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