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Daily Devotional for January 4


January 4                                                           John 14:6-14

Jesus, in today's Gospel reading, you tell us that you and God
are one. By knowing and loving you, we come closer to God.
Today I draw nearer to you to experience the fullness of life
that you offer.

You tell us that we can ask for anything in your name because
of your special relationship with God. In a society whose main
ambition seems to be an insatiable desire to accumulate wealth,
I ask you to help me to appreciate and strive for those values
that are truly worthwhile treasures.

I ask for physical and mental health for those who are suffering
from AIDS, for all who are living with emotional or psycho-
logical disorders, for those handicapped in the use of their
limbs or unable to fully experience the gifts of sight and sound.
I ask for the grace of soundness in mind and body for myself
and for those I dearly love.

I ask you for a full and meaningful life. When you determine
that I am ready to be united with you through that process
we call death, may I leave this world a better place than when
I entered it. May I have the comfort of knowing that, in some
small way, my life here has made a difference to others.

I ask you for genuine social security - not a monthly financial
dole, but the continual solace of being surrounded by friends
who love me despite my numerous weaknesses and limitations.
May I, in turn, provide security and care to others, especially
to those who seem to have no friends.

I ask for these and for other graces, Jesus, confident that a
request in your name is a direct prayer to our God. Amen.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.198

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