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Daily Devotional for June 26


June 26                                                         Luke 21:29-36

To prevent the trumpet vine from devouring the garage, we
cut it out in April. But by June the vine had sprouted anew
and climbed nine feet to entwine itself under the eaves of the
garage roof, its beautiful orange flowers soon to bloom again.

To keep the grass from growing over the sidewalk, I edged
the walk this spring, leaving almost an inch of bare earth on
each side. After the last rain I noticed that the bare space had
disappeared and the fresh green was on its way again.

Pruned and uprooted, growing and changing as our life
journeys take shape, we find ourselves filled with the pain of
loss. We lose our youth, our health, our illusions, our dreams.
We lose friends and loved ones. But loss is not a choice we
make, and we seek distractions to avoid the hurt.

Yet one who loves us always can be heard in the still of our
hearts, reminding us to stay present even in the depths of our
pain. "Now!" the voice whispers insistently. "Be present with
me now! Be with me in your hurt, your anger, and your grief.
Just be with me as you are, and pray for the strength to pass
safely through the ordeals you find before you."

Hear the voice of life within your heart and resolve to live
fully this day that God has given you. Like the vine that gets
cut back and the grass that is uprooted, you cannot control
your journey. But even in your darkest hour, you can grow
as God would have you grow.

from The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C


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