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Daily Devotional for October 12


October 12                                                  Matthew 9:18-26

An illustration in my mother's Bible shows a pale, fleshy lady
draped in pinks and whites. The woman's face is distorted,
her body cramped by the mob around her. Into this mob, she
reaches. Her arms strain to touch the Saviour whom she can
barely see, the Saviour whose power she knows will make her
whole. With her outstretched hand, she grasps the hem of
Christ's garment.

Like the woman, we still reach for our Saviour. How often
we see outstretched arms in our churches. What a beautiful
picture these arms and hands make as they symbolically grasp
for heaven and a closer communion with Christ. Big arms,
small ones. Dark ones, pale ones. Strong ones, weak ones. The
picture glows with as much intensity and emotion as the illus-
tration in my mother's Bible.

Like the woman, we long to be made whole in our daily lives.
We long to feel Christ's healing power. And perhaps, most
of all, we long for assurance that our faith is enough.

If only we could make it through the mob, then we'd know.
If only we were lucky enough to touch our Saviour's clothes,
and if only Christ were to turn to us and say, "Your faith has
made you whole," then we'd be sure.

We're indeed lucky that we don't have to fight our way
through a mob or even stretch our arms in order to find the
assurance that comes from closeness with Christ.

All we have to do is fold our hands and pray. And if our hands
are busy, the folding is optional.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989

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