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Daily Devotional for November 20

November 20                                                Matthew 17:1-13

    "And. ..Jesus. ..led them up a high mountain apart."

Sitting beside my friend, Peter, I say, "Tell me how to find the
mount of transfiguration, for I am hungry for a deeper
knowledge of God."

Peter replies, "You need not travel far; the mount of transfigura-
tion is the holy mountain in your heart."

"But how shall I climb the holy mountain in my heart?" I ask.
"It is high and its ways are steep and unpredictable."

"You are quite right," he responds. "There is only one who
can lead you safely through them to the mountaintop, and that
one is Jesus. Therefore, do not climb the mountain without Jesus
as your guide."

"And what will happen at the top ?" I continue.

"You will look into Jesus' face, and in its light you will be
enlightened; and you will begin to know the truth about
yourself, your world, and your God. Therefore, do not climb
the mountain unless you are willing to know the truth."

"I want to know the truth," I exclaim. "I want to settle on
the mountaintop forever and tell Jesus again and again of my
love for him!"

Peter smiles, then says, "And you would be interrupted by the
voice of God telling you to listen for a change! And when your
words had finally ceased and you had ceased attending to the
images that clutter your mind, then in the silence you would
hear God's Word, and in the darkness you would see God's
radiance, and the hunger in your heart would be satisfied."

Today I approach the holy mountain in my heart, hungry for
a deeper knowledge of God. I take several deep breaths to
prepare myself - then, following Jesus, I begin the climb to
the top.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  23

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