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Daily Devotional for May 23


May 23                                                             Luke 13:10-17

We all know the rules. You shall do no work on the Sabbath.
You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery. Not only
do we know them, we embellish them. We multiply them.
Then we judge those who fail to abide by them. We blame
the persons afflicted with AIDS for their tragic condition. We
condemn the incest victim who aborts her father's baby. We
jail the prostitute who solicits the politician's wealth. We are
so sure that we would never fall prey to the human weaknesses
that lead others to fail in fulfilling God's commandments.

     Jesus, why do you insist on breaking the rules? Why
     do you heal on the Sabbath? Why do you accept
     the adulterous woman? Why do you forgive the
     murderer and the robber? Don't you know the com-
     mands of God? You should support the rules. You
     should stand for law and order, lest the destructive
     acts of the mass of humanity overwhelm our
     systems of righteousness and justice.

Twenty centuries later, Jesus weeps - alone, weary, and sad.
We have not yet learned compassion for the old woman bent
double from eighteen years in spiritual bondage. We have not
yet learned to touch the leper with healing hands. We have
yet to offer alternatives to those who turn to crime because
they cannot house and feed the children. We have not yet
learned that there can be no justice when there is no compas-
sion; that there can be no healing without risking; that there
can be no peace when domestic violence destroys our children.

                   Jesus, you taught us that we must
       sometimes break the rules. Love must supersede
       the law  [... that love IS the law. L.M.]. Justice and
                        peace must flow like a river.
         Grant us the compassion of your healing touch
            as we reach out to our sisters and brothers
                                  in your name.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.


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