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Daily Devotional for August 11


August 11                                                            Mark 9:14-29

Raphael, in his painting of the Transfiguration, depicts two
scenes: Jesus on the mountaintop and the casting out of the
demon from the possessed boy. The artist clearly has grasped
the vital connection between these two events.

On the mountain of the Transfiguration, in a place of solitude,
Jesus refocuses on his special mission and unique identity. In
turn, Jesus is affirmed in the deepest fullness of his being,
symbolized by the radiating light and the voice from the cloud.

While these events are occurring on the mountain, the disciples
apparently fail to cast out the demon from the boy. They are
perplexed, while the boy's father becomes ever more frustrated
by his son's plight.

Upon returning from the mountain experience, Jesus encoun-
ters the boy, his father, and the disciples. Jesus almost
nonchalantly assesses the situation, expresses his own
frustration concerning their lack of faith, and heals the boy.

Later, when the disciples ask why they had failed in this
seemingly simple task, Jesus tells them that this type of healing
can only come about through prayer.

What is this prayer of which Jesus speaks? It is the experience
of transfiguration where, in solitude, one comes to the
knowledge of the unique giftedness of one's own being. It is
the experience, in prayer, of discovering that one is indeed
created in God's image and likeness, and is called in a special
way to reflect that image to the world in accordance with the
gifts that one has been given. It is this prayer that empowers
the believer to use those gifts and overcome evil.

             Creator God, as I sit in the stillness of prayer,
     may your empowering presence be with me. Call to my
     remembrance the goodness with which you created me
                          and the purpose of my life.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989

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