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Daily Devotional for June 15


June 15                                                           Luke 19:28-40

Some people want a savior dressed in robes of purple, gold
shoes on his feet, and a jewel-studded crown upon his head.
They want to bow in homage to one who truly looks the part,
to one who looks as if he deserves their respect and homage.

What would people think of me if I were seen worshiping one
who looked like someone who lived in the streets? Would my
friends come to church if the head of the church did not ap-
pear in business suit and tie, or in splendid clergy robes, but
in the dress of the poor? Could salvation really have come
through someone who looks like that?

But his followers, his disciples, never questioned Jesus' attire.
When he asked for an unbroken colt, they did not insist on
a carriage and fine horses. They spread not a red carpet but
branches and their own coats before him as he rode into

God's gift to the world came and went in humble surroundings.
The wealth of Jesus' life radiated through the love he brought
to humanity and, indeed, to all of creation. And yet to this
very day we who follow in Christ's footsteps have insisted
on cloaking Christ in scarlet, worshiping Christ with golden
altarware, housing Christ behind stained glass windows,
protecting Christ from the street rabble who would tarnish
Christ's image and ours.

Who is the Christ in my life? Would I recognize Christ if Christ
walked down my street? Would I be seen in public with Christ?
Would Christ be seen in public in the surroundings I ascribe
to Christ?

Perhaps today there is something Jesus would have me change
in my image of Christ. Perhaps there is something Christ would
have me change in my image of myself as one of the disciples.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.

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