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Daily Devotional for May 16


May 16                                                            Luke 11:37-52

Jesus, when we invite you into our homes to dine at our tables,
we expect you to follow the common courtesies of proper
washing and polite conversation. But you come in and insult
us! You confront us with our hypocrisy, our injustice, our
failure to love. When you treat us this way, we don't want
to invite you any more. We don't want your truth to expose
us that way. We prefer our little deceptions. Why must you
be so honest?

We prefer to think that your exposure of human failing should
be directed out there against those who practice injustice
against us. But you come into our homes and say to us, "You
are the ones! You have failed to love!"

You are right, Jesus. We have so often neglected your Gospel
commandment to love our brothers and sisters as you have
loved us. We have neglected the poor. We have despised those
who do not measure up to our standards. We have not reached
out to the sick or to those in prison or to the homeless. We
have so often failed to live out your Gospel calling.

Forgive us for our neglect, Jesus, for we have chosen to follow
you. We continue to sit at your feet in our homes and learn
from you. You have called us to a new way. That way is hard,
but it is the way of redemption and healing for our wounds
and for the suffering of our world.

Enter our very being, Jesus, so that your Spirit may empower
us to live out your love within our human family. Touch us
so that we may heal our world in your name.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.


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