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Daily Devotional for June 27


June 27                                                       Luke 21:37-22:13

This week I learned that I was physically abused as a child,
a secret too painful to bear that lay hidden deep inside me all
these years. Recently it began to seek the light, and with this
revelation came a holy message: "Now it is time to uncover
the truth. Go and prepare for your healing."

The same day that I understood this message, a person I had
never met came up to me - like the one whom the disciples
encountered carrying a jar of water. She told me of her own
childhood abuse and invited me to join a group for the healing
of memories. I said I wasn't ready for such a group, and though
I didn't mention it, I felt afraid. As she gave me her phone
number, I recalled those words, "Go and prepare."

There's risk in going; I'd rather stay and prepare, I say to
myself. But to do God's will is to go, to make some change
in our lives, however small it may seem at the time. The going
is part of preparing, making way for transformation. When
we know not where to go nor what to do, we set out in faith,
one step at a time. The one who cherishes us from the depths
of our being will show us where and when to make the next

So let us meditate this day on the words of Jesus a few hours
before that Last Supper: "Go and prepare... ." Specifically,
what do they mean for you today? In what direction is God
calling you? Let us pray that we may each hear and be faithful
to the call in our lives, wherever it may lead us. And let us
rest in the assurance that we will meet each other along the
way, carrying jars of water.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.


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