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Daily Devotional for May 3


May 3                                                           Luke 12:22-31

Tiny butterfly, you're brand new, aren't you? You fold your
dainty yellow wings up and down repeatedly. Who taught you
that? I've never observed the birth of flight before. I feel
exquisitely honored.

But I wonder - can't you rest a bit? You look so strained.
So anxious about your new life. I know you want to fly more
than anything else, now that you know you can. You were
a long time in that cocoon, weren't you? And even longer in
the caterpillar state. Now you feel life's going to pass you by
if you don't hurry and spread your wings. I know, because
I've felt that way before. I feel it today.

I want to break forth and soar - free - all at once. I know
I have potential for flight, for beautiful dance on the wings
of the Spirit. But I'm afraid. Afraid of falling. Is that your

I'm growing impatient. I want to see you lift your wings and
move. Then perhaps I could gain courage for my spiritual
journey. But you're not ready, are you? You just keep mov-
ing your wings up and down, making shadows in the sunshine.
Could this be your meditation? Forgive me for intruding.

Suddenly you jump as if you've heard the word. Silently and
purposefully you lift your soul - and resettle in the gravel.
You bounce and flutter. It's not too comfortable, is it? But
it's a beginning. A fine first landing station. You explore for
a time and decide it's not for you.

Then into the grasses you plunge, sailing from bush to tree
to cloud. There you go, my little friend. I love you. And I'll
catch up with you later, after I've exercised my own wings.
In the meantime, God's blessings! And - hooray!

               Be not anxious... consider the lilies
                          (and the butterflies)... .

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.198

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