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Daily Devotional for March 16


March 16                                                     John 10:19-42


Many religions, including Christianity, promise an afterlife of
eternal peace and happiness. Often, however, certain condi-
tions are attached to the attainment of this eternal life , condi-
tions having to do with striving to achieve a state of perfection
that will make one pure enough to be one with God.

But Christ promises us that if we will but follow and trust the
good shepherd, we will have eternal life." "My sheep," Christ
says, "follow me; and I give them eternal life." It is impor-
tant to recognize that the emphasis here is not on the character
of the follower, but rather on the assurances of Christ. We
don't have to achieve perfection, since we can rest secure in
Christ's absolute trustworthiness.

In today's reading Jesus promises that he will not abandon us
to the "wolf" or to the "thief." In our lives, many "wolves"
- trials, bitterness, resentment - try to devour us. The
"thieves" of deprivation, worry, and loss try to rob us of our
peace of mind. But Jesus promised to be with his disciples in
these times and to lay down his life for them.

And this is precisely what Jesus did: he laid down his life to
destroy that which would destroy us - fear, guilt, anger,
resentment, sickness, and ultimately, death itself. With such
a Saviour watching over us we have nothing to fear.

                             Gentle Shepherd,
             I confess I have looked for the security
     I need in my mother, father, spouse, friends, and
  even my church. Today I realize that no one else can
     give me the security that you provide. Help me to
      relax, secure in the knowledge that you call me
       your own and that I can experience life more
              abundantly by simply following you.


From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.

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