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Daily Devotional for May 8


May 8                                                                Luke 9:51-62

Sullen, angry, and confused, I hurry down the dusty Palestinian
road. Events of the past hour have left me exhausted, yet I
summon enough strength to forcefully kick a few stones out
of my way.

Your long, healthy legs keep up splendidly; you waste no time
with small talk. "Perhaps you wish you were kicking me."

After nearly three years, I'm still startled by your candor and

"What is it, my friend? Where does your anger come from?"

I am both annoyed and relieved by your persistence. How pain-
ful it is to be in discord with you, my beloved teacher! Without
missing a step, I glance sideways into your waiting eyes. I am
steadied. Encouraged.

"It was your words, Jesus! Your words and your manner back
there! Those men wanted to follow you, but you were so...
so... ."

"So stern? Yes, I was. I wanted them to take seriously their
claims to commitment. I wanted them to realize that partner-
ship with God requires one's fullest attention. There is no time
for ambivalence. No room for excuses."

"And no room for loved ones?" There. I've said it.

"So that's the source of your storm! You think I'm tightening
my requirements. You suspect my disciples are no longer
permitted homes and personal loves!"

I blush and glance for more stones to kick.

"Oh friend, I do not deny you the goodness of intimacy.
Rather, I call you to boldly proclaim that all God's people are 

entitled to compassion, justice, and love. I simply ask that you
allow nothing - no one - to stand in the way of sharing that
good news. Do you see?"

I pause from my flight. For one precious moment, we share
a common vision. "Yes, Jesus, I see. And because I do, I will
journey alongside you to Jerusalem and beyond."

from The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C


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