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Daily Devotional for March 17

March 17                                                     John 11:1-27

           Living Even If You Die

In today's Gospel, Jesus does a seemingly callous thing: he
waits two days before going to the sickbed of Lazarus, called
"the one you love" by Mary and Martha. Sometimes we may
wonder why Jesus delays answering our prayers when we
specifically send for him, just as Lazarus' two sisters worried
when it appeared their brother would die. In this case, the
worst happened. Lazarus died. But Jesus showed how faith
could bring greater glory out of adversity, even out of death
itself. In the case of Lazarus' death, it was the glory of

Later, Jesus would undergo an untimely and cruel death
himself. But again, "Christus Victor!" The defeated one,
surrendering to the will of God, would become victorious
through the power of God even unto resurrection!

A full theology must include an understanding of death as the
ultimate healing, wherein the dying go on to live forever in
the presence of God. Jesus' affirmation that he is the resur-
rection and the life, and that those who believe in him will
live even if they die, underscores the ultimate good news of
the Christian faith: death is not all there is. We will go on living!
Even if we are not sure just what kind of life it will be, the
example of Lazarus, and then of Jesus, assures us that it will
be glorious.

      Jesus, help me to understand that because we live in
    a world that is not yet fully redeemed, death is a part of
   human existence. Help me to rejoice today that because
          we believe in you, we and those we love will live,
                            even though we die. Amen.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.

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