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Daily Devotional for July 23


July 23                                                         Matthew 25:14-30

Risk-taking is one of the most confusing and complex realities
that humans confront. Some people thrive on risk and adven-
ture. Others, aptly depicted by Jesus as the servant with one
talent, are prisoners of fear who constantly protect the little
they have. We have all met persons who, while fiercely pro-
tecting their meager possessions, lose them in that very

Jesus gives no honor to the fearful who refuse to take risks
with the talents given them. Instead, he drives home the point
that what we have should be used and extended to the greatest
possible extent. We are encouraged to trust that the gifts we
possess are for our multiplying and sharing with others. There
is no encouragement for selfishness; rather, sharing and giving
are described as an integral part of receiving.

These principles are exemplified in the life of Stephen Hawk-
ing, the renowned English physicist. While still a young man,
he faced a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease. His future seemed
hopeless. He abandoned his doctoral studies and resigned
himself to living out his life and then dying. Then he met some-
one who loved him. Buoyed by this love, he made a decision
to risk living even in the face of the odds against him. Today,
having learned to deal with incredible handicaps, he is a great
educator and scientist, known and honored the world over.
Through the power of unselfish love, he overcame his fear,
risked investing his talents, and won a worthwhile and reward-
ing life. [Hawking died March 14, 2018]

All that we are, all that we know, all that we possess, however
great or small, are the gifts of God, talents entrusted to us to
trade with as we walk through the journey of life. Each day
offers us the choice: Take a chance and invest these talents,
or avoid all risk and isolate ourselves from the experience of
life generating more life.

What will your choice be today?

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  

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