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Daily Devotional for November 14

November 14                                         Matthew 15:21-28

                             Broader Horizons

                         A Play in Five Acts by Matthew

                               Cast of Characters:

        God................... Played by the Canaanite Woman
        Jesus and Every Christian........... Played by Jesus
        Outsiders and Outcasts.... Played by the Daughter
        The Church..................….. Played by the Disciples


ACT I: (Matthew 15:21-23a) The Canaanite Woman, who loves
both her unnamed Daughter and her Son, Jesus, cries out to
Jesus to help his sister, for the Woman has lost her to evil
influences and is desperate to have her back. Jesus, who hasn't
yet learned to recognize the Daughter as his sister, ignores the
cries within him and acts as if nothing is happening.

ACT II: (Matthew 15:23b-24) The Canaanite Woman persists by
making her desire known to the Disciples, who become visibly
irritated and discuss ways to silence her. Finally they ask Jesus
to do something to make her go away. Jesus responds by declar-
ing flatly that the Daughter is not included in his ministry.

ACT III: (Matthew 15:25-26) The Canaanite Woman changes
tactics. Refusing to take "No!" for an answer, she begs Jesus
on her knees to expand his vision. Jesus responds by insulting
her. He calls her and her Daughter "dogs" unfit to share in the
gifts of heaven! The Disciples feel righteous and the Daughter's
condition worsens.

ACT IV: (Matthew 15:27-28) The Canaanite Woman uses Jesus'
own words to teach him: ". ..even the dogs eat the crumbs
that fall from their owners' table." Jesus finally grasps the fact
that his mission is to bring everyone to the heavenly banquet,
even those considered most unworthy. He says to God, "O
Woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire."
At that moment the Daughter is healed. The Disciples scratch
their heads and wonder.
[As I've said before, Jesus did NOT 

'... finally grasp... his mission'.  He was teaching, not being 

taught: teaching us to be persistent in our prayers; teaching

that God's blessings were not just for Jews; that 'love your

neighbor' meant anyone in need!! L.M. Nov. 12, 2018]

ACT V: (Today) Each of these characters lives within you. If
they could speak, what would they say? Their dialogue is Act V.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1

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