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Daily Devotional for December 9

December 9                                               Matthew 22:15-22

Whose image is on the coin of your life? If Christ asked you
to see the image stamped on the things you prize most, whose
image would be revealed? The image of Christ or your own?
Who ultimately owns the things you prize most?

In today's story, Jesus sets himself against fanatical allegiance
to the state. He teaches us an application of the Gospel for
our lives as citizens. "Render therefore to Caesar... ." We
do, of course, have certain obligations toward the nation in
which we live. As Christians, this means intelligent and con-
scientious participation in the political process to the end that
God's will may be done.

But Christ's teaching goes beyond a political application. When
we are told to "render to God the things that are God's," Christ
is thereby inviting us to examine our lives and consider the
source of all we have and are. It is an invitation to each of
us to make God the ultimate ruler over every aspect of our
lives: our bodies, lovers, money, homes, jobs, cars -
everything. It is an invitation to stamp the perfect image of
God on every facet of our lives, with all that implies: that we
give Christ the ultimate power over our lives.

Do people look at our lives and see Christ resplendent on the
coin that we prize most highly? Is Christ's image and
superscription stamped on the currency of our lives? Once we
have given ourselves wholly over to Jesus, then this coin will
be the only true currency.

            God, I give you the central place in my life.
         Reign over all I say, think, and do. Stamp your
              image on every aspect of my life. Amen.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.

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