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Daily Devotional for May 7


May 7                                                        Matthew 10:24-42

Sitting in a booth at the airport coffee shop, I nurse my third
glass of iced tea. With every passing minute I grow more
restless. Sure, I agreed to meet Gina's plane with you, on behalf
of the church. But I thought we'd just slip into the crowds,
claim our charge, and disappear into the safety of my car. How
was I to know Gina's plane would be late?

Your face is so calm it annoys me. Perhaps you don't compre-
hend our predicament. Maybe you haven't been in this country
long enough to fully understand the risks of transporting an
illegal alien.

When I can stand it no longer, I whisper sharply, "How long
can we wait?"

"As long as we're asked to. What is your fear?"

Defensive and unprepared, I mutter something about respect-
ing the law. You are unimpressed. "My friend, " you gently
scold, "we are exactly where God called us to be. Should we
leave this woman to the mercy of the laws of unjust rulers?
Don't you understand?" I shake my head. For the next hour,
you teach me through your own story. I learn new words for
human suffering in Central America. I gain insight into divine
love and compassion. I discover that you, a physician, were
arrested and tortured because you gave medical aid to the
"enemy." With eyes glistening and head held high, you con-
fess, "I had no choice! The love of Jesus in my heart made
me bind their wounds."

An anonymous voice announces the arrival of Gina's plane.
I hesitate, not out of fear, but rather to scrawl a message on
the back of my paper placemat. Then, falling in step behind
you and Christ, I hurry to the gate and raise my sign for all

         Jesus Christ, unique Child of God, have mercy
        on us. You ask us to follow you, and we want to.
  But sometimes, even to give a cup of cold water in this
      society requires a moral, ethical, political decision.
    Where's the right? Where's the wrong? Dear Jesus,
                hold our hands and show us the way.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  

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