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Daily Devotional for May 18


May 18                                                            Luke 12:13-31

There was a certain gay man in America. He was a commercial
artist in a company where he could be open without
discrimination. He was respected and rewarded well for his
work. His home was located in the best part of town. It was
furnished in the exquisite taste of the true artist. He often
hosted lavish parties to which he invited entertainers, politi-
cians, and social leaders of his elite class. He was content with
his life style and enjoyed his position as a social trend setter.
He was greatly admired and everyone hoped to be invited to
his next event.

One day he sat planning his next party, trying to decide what
theme he should use as a focus for the entertainment. He began
to feel very tired and feverish, and he remembered that his
energy level had seemed sluggish recently. So he made an
appointment to see his doctor the next day. Within several
weeks he was diagnosed as having AIDS.

Suddenly, his world seemed to collapse. His friends called him
less often. His co-workers seemed nervous when he stopped
by to chat. Quite a few invited guests were busy the night of
his last party. His days felt long and tiring, and his bills began
to pile up. He began to contemplate his life, and it seemed
empty to him, even as he touched his prized antiques and
stared at his beautiful works of art. His spirit grew weary of
its weight.

He considered his impending death. What did it mean? As his
spirit moved beyond the grave, what hope would draw him?
What God awaited him? Slowly, unsteadily, he began a journey
into the depth of his spirit. He began a search for God.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.

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