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Daily Devotional for May 2


May 2                                                                  Luke 11:1-13

With a sense of risk and adventure, I joined the leadership of
a two-day retreat for moderately retarded adults. God's love
was our theme, and the program included not only nature
walks and crafts, but also an introduction to silence and con-
templative prayer. When it was announced that we would hike
to the meadow, sit quietly among the grasshoppers and corn-
flowers, and wait for God, everyone was excited. Everyone,
that is, but Margaret. With a loud groan, this assertive,
frustrated child-woman reluctantly fell into line.

The cheerful band trekked wooded paths, delighting in the
sunlit morning. Then, just as we stepped into the meadow,
Margaret screamed, "No!" and fled as fast as her short, chubby
frame would carry her.

A look of understanding flashed from my colleagues. I raced
into the woods and eventually found Margaret perched atop
a picnic table in an abandoned shelter. "Now I don't have to
be quiet!" she grinned triumphantly.

Exhausted and impatient, I replied, "We can have our quiet
time here." A powerful debate ensued:

     "We can't, God's in the field!"
          "God's big enough to be in both places."

     "But it's dirty! Look at all the dead leaves!"
          "God made the leaves, and loves them."

     "But there's somebody's muddy boots!"
          "God doesn't mind muddy boots."

     "But lady, I've been bad!"
          "God loves you just as you are."

Silence. Then a small, amazed voice. "Yeah? Then I'll be
quiet." And she was - voluntarily - for ten minutes, after
which she whispered, "Jesus is our Saviour. Amen."

      Do you, like the disciples, yearn for a deeper prayer
      life, or are you running? What are your dead leaves,
      your muddy-boot excuses? Can you meet God when
      you've "been bad"? Take courage from Margaret.
      Choose to be quiet. Begin with the simple good
      news: "God loves you just as you are."

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.


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