Prayer Requests


The following are prayer requests that we have received during our worship service prayer time, requests that have been submitted through the Prayer form on the website and other needs of which we are aware.  Prayer is a great privilege and a serious responsibility.  Please remember these requests in your prayer time.  


Only first names are given (plus initial if there are more than one with the same first name).  If you prefer to be anonymous, please let us know when you submit your request.  If your request is personal we will note it as 'unspoken'.

Previous requests will be removed after about one month.

REQUESTS AS OF 2/28/2021: 

* Norma Jean – Prayers for my strength in the Lord while I’m out 20 days straight working in the field, visiting different nursing homes throughout the Pittsburgh area up until I leave for my San Diego trip. Also, prayers for Judge Georgia Snowden, who is running for District Magistrate here in the Penn Trafford area, whom we are on the campaign trail trying to get signatures for her to be put on the ballot for the primaries in May, whom is also a woman of faith and is an advocate for opposed people and wants to help people who are in difficult situations.

* Bob – Prayers for Diane and a couple of her close friends who have passed away, one of whom is Marty and the other her friend from Oakland, Marla.

* Kate – Prayers for all the people in the world suffering from the coronavirus in the many ways that happens, keeping in the light especially children and teenagers who have been really restricted by this experience. I pray that the vaccines are safe and effective, and that people all over the world will be able to get vaccinated in a timely fashion. Prayers for the Earth, and ask God to please slow down climate change which is becoming very dangerous. Finally, I’d like to reiterate one of the prayers in our statement of faith that God loves people in the midst of loneness, despair, and degradation.

* Lou – Prayers for my friend, Art, who had some lumps on his throat that they thought might be cancerous. Prayers that I get a vaccine shortly. Bless the country and all those suffering with covid. May we each understand that our hope is not in things, but in God and God’s spirit.

* Rob – Prayers for everyone in our church community and their friends, family, and loved ones. Prayers for peace on Earth and goodwill between all peoples. Prayers for the health of our planet and all the species on it.


Closing Prayer: Dear God in Heaven we are grateful for your love and grateful that you know us, that you love us, that we are important to you and we are so important that we are part of you and called the body of Christ. We are not just something outside of you, but you have made us part of you by your love, and your sacrifice of Christ for us. Thank you for your love, concern, and for the hope we have in you, not only the hope of having our needs met here, but the hope of spending eternity with you and with each other. We know you hear our prayers, all those that need your touch are not only in our hearts, but in yours. Help us to be concerned for each other and all those that are affected by this virus. As we get back to so called normal and the vaccine takes effect, we pray that there is perhaps a lingering effect that people realize that this Earth is sand, not the rock that you are in holding us together and holding us up, so help there to be some lingering effect of this virus in our trust in you. Bless all those who need your touch. May we honor you, worship you, and may we put our hope in you as individuals, as this Body of Christ MCC Pittsburgh, and as us as part of the Body of Christ in this world.

REQUESTS AS OF 2/21/2021:*

* Diane – Prayers for all of us. Gratitude for the sunshine. Prayers for my friend Marla who is still in the hospital and facing a lot of physical difficulties, and who might have to give up her pet, which has given her a lot of comfort and been like her family. Prayers for a friend I lost over the weekend. He was on dialysis. I knew he wasn’t feeling well, but didn’t know he was that close to death, and I didn’t get to see him. Prayers for strength and comfort for his daughter and his daughter’s mother. Prayers for Genesis and I because he was a close friend of ours, who we got the car from, who I have been friends with since the 80’s. Also, protection for Genesis and his 2-year-old son, who are driving up from Florida for any services that are planned for our mutual friend. Comfort and strength for those people my friend left behind, and that he is with God. Prayers for Vince and that he can handle his job.

* Rob – Prayers for everybody in our church community and their friends, family, and loved ones. Prayers for peace on Earth and goodwill between all peoples. Prayers for our Earth and the species on it

* Kate – Prayers for everybody on the planet with regard to the suffering that covid has caused. I pray for fast distribution of the vaccines going out all over the world. Prayers for the Earth and that climate change slows. Also, prayers for all of you.

* Idamae - her cousin thanks everyone for their prayers [of comfort for the family after the death of 2 teen-age sons in an auto accident]

* Lou – Prayers for Vince and Dan, hoping that things change so they can join us for our services. Thanks to God for the sunshine. Thank God for all the beauty of winter. Prayers for the people in Texas, many of whom are still without power and many whom have received unusually high power bills. Also, prayers for a friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma, who I’ve known since I was 10-years-old, who has had Parkinson’s Disease for many years, but recently found lumps on his neck that they suspect is cancer.

Closing Prayer: Dear God in Heaven we are grateful for the physical sunshine, but also for the sunshine of each face here that has joined us today, for the joy of knowing we have friends, and more than friends, we have fellow members of the body of Christ, that we are here for each other, both in thought and, when necessary, in deed to help each other out. Prayers that our concerns always include prayer, but also include physical supply when we have the means and there are needs. Help us to be there for each other, and consider these prayer requests we bring each week seriously and sacrificially as we bring them before you and before each other. Help us to trust in you, because we know that nothing can separate us from your love, as the scripture says throughout the whole Bible, you are a God of love. Though we sometimes separate ourselves from your love, you never cease to love us. Bless us as we continue to worship. Bless us as a church, and may we continue to care for your people, and continue to grow individually in our own spiritual walk and grow as a church. As you bless us, and as we put our trust in you, may we continue to be your people and praise you for all your goodness to us. In Christ’s name we pray.

REQUESTS AS OF 02/14/2021: 

* Diane – Prayers for all of us. Prayers for my friend Marla who is still in the hospital, who recently was diagnosed with cancer and has pneumonia, and who is having other physical problems. Prayers for Marla’s social worker who took Marla’s cat home with her so the building manager wouldn’t send animal control to take the cat, though someone was feeding and taking care of the cat. Prayers for another friend, Marty, who is on a dialysis machine, and sounds like he is starting to give up on things. Prayers for a renewed spirit for life within him. Also, Prayers of thanks for the prayers Bob and I have received from all of you.

* Idamae – Prayers for my second cousin, Jane, and her family. Last week Jane’s husband, Todd, and three of their four sons were in an automobile accident. Their son Daniel had minor scrapes and bruises and is home. Todd was in the hospital for quite a while. Their oldest son and their next oldest son were killed in the accident. Prayers for their family, for the boy’s classmates, and for anyone that knew them who are going through a rough time. Please remember them in our prayers.

* Bob M. – Prayers for a classmate, Ed, who had to have his leg amputated from the knee down last week and is in recovery and rehab.

* Rob – Prayers for peace on Earth and goodwill between all people. Prayers that everybody stays safe during this coming winter storm and can see God’s beauty in it. Prayers for the species of the planet and the planet itself.

* Amy – Prayers for me and all the other residents in my building, who have now not been allowed to leave the building for the past 11 months. It is difficult for us to be in our rooms with nothing much to do.

* Kate – Prayers for all people of the world suffering in one way or another from the coronavirus, that we have speedy and safe vaccines. Also, prayers for the innumerous animals around the planet that are going extinct. If there is some way to slow that process and create healing for plants and animals, I pray for that. I pray to God in the presence of witnesses to slow down climate change, however that can happen.

Closing Prayer: Dear God in heaven we are grateful for the blessing of the presence of you in our lives, for the hope that you give us, for the assurance that we need not be afraid because your love will sustain us because we always have you that cares for us, and for, as the bible says, there is nothing that can remove us from the love of God. Nothing - nothing on Earth, nothing in Heaven, nothing in the Universe that can keep you from loving us. Help us to avail ourselves of that love, of the hope and freedom from fear. May all the mayhem that is around us not make us doubt, but help us to be closer to you. We pray for those that are hurting, especially those that need to know your presence. We pray for the family that Idamae knows, that they will know your comfort, that they will know that there is light in this time of darkness. We pray for all of those that have physical needs, those of ourselves that have physical needs, those of our friends and partners that need your touch. We pray, dear God, that we will trust in you as we go through this life, and know that your love can sustain us as long as we put ourselves in your presence, that we hold fast to you and the hope you give us. Bless us as we worship as a family, as a part of the body of Christ, that we will know that everyone here cares and prays and will support and give and be the family and be body of Christ that we can be to each other. Help us to do your will. Help us to look to you, and thank you for so much. Thank you for our lives. Thank you for the beauty around us. Thank you for your guidance and strength, for resources, not only to support ourselves, but to help those that need your help. Help us to be the reflected light of your light. Help us to be the salt of the earth. Help us to show people that there is hope, there is love, and there is beauty in life. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

REQUESTS AS OF 2/7/2021:


* Diane – Prayers for everyone on Earth. Special prayers for my friend Marla that is in the hospital, who is not in contact much with any family she has left, and who doesn’t have many friends. She is in the hospital fighting pneumonia and can’t get around much, and her building manager threatened that she would send animal control into her apartment to take her cat while she is in the hospital. Prayers for Heather who is not feeling good. Prayers for my family.

Colleen – Praise God for all of the blessings that he gives us. Thank you to everyone for their continued prayers for my mom and her boyfriend who are 82 years old and in Texas. Prayers that they stay healthy. Prayers that God heals whatever is going on with my mother’s wrist and that it is not a permanent thing. Prayers that God’s will is the same as my will with regard to specific circumstances in my life. Thank God for Louis and for all the time and effort he puts into putting our services together.

* Sherri – Prayers for the women in China and that they be protected and healed. Prayers for my mental issues, anxiety, and other things.

* Kate – Prayers for my friends Susan and Julia, both of whom are 75. Susan’s husband just died of Covid and Julia has been having breathing problems. Prayers also for my friend Sherry whose brother just died from Covid last month.

* Rob – Prayers for our church community, family and friends. Prayers for peace between people, and goodwill towards our Earth and the plants and species on it.

* Lee – Prayers for my son-in-law, Jeremy, who is going through some mental issues, going through med changes all the time, and seems angry all the time making the family walk on edge all the time. I would like to also pray for Tami’s health and my health. I found out I am a diabetic now, so we have some health issues going on and would like prayers for those. Prayers for our roommate Corey, who is pregnant, and ask for prayers for a successful pregnancy and birth.

* Norma Jean – I will be doing a revival in San Diego and want to invite all of you to come and worship and see what the Lord will be doing for San Diego and us at the same time. People at the church where I am a pastor are working with realtors to buy a church and the land rights around it, and I am asking for prayers that this goes well. Prayers that I find office space for a paralegal firm I have started. Prayers for my family. Prayers for all of you and when all of this is over we can all be together. I love you all. God bless you all, and I’ll be praying for you. May heaven smile upon you, and may he offer and give you all that your hearts desire that pleases him and that pleases you, in Jesus name, Amen.

* Lou – Prayers for those of us who aren’t with us – Joshua, Tina, Heather, and any others. Prayers for my younger sister, who has finally left her husband. Her husband has been abusive on and off many times throughout their 36 years of marriage. Prayers for Rich and his sister Karen who recently separated from her partner and is going through the difficulties of a divorce. Prayers that God’s will be done.

Closing Prayer: Dear God in Heaven we present ourselves to you as your children. As our parent, we know that you love us, and as we put our lives in your hands and trust in you, you are pleased to hear us, and pleased to get us through the difficulties that we face in this earthy life. You have heard these requests - requests for physical needs, for mental and spiritual needs. We all are in this battle and we all need your help, hope, and strength. Be with us, and help us not to fear. As you have said over and over again in your word, not fear, because you are there, that you are never far from us, you never leave us, you never forsake us, and nothing can remove us from the love of God. Help us to consider how much you love us, and that all of these promises are sure, that we can depend on them, and throughout our lives to look to you, not only to help us, but to help us in the path back to you. Help us to serve you as we bring your love to each other and to this world - a world that needs it so much. Help all those that are struggling with Covid. May we not be arrogant in our solutions, that the vaccine will cure everything, that science is the answer to everything. You are the answer to everything as we put our lives in your hands. Now bless us as we continue to worship, to seek you and seek to honor you. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

REQUESTS AS OF 01/31/2021: 


* Diane – Prayers for everybody and mother Earth, my sister and her son’s family, for their protection. Also prayers for a friend of mine from my home town and his partner, my ex and his family, all of whom are in Florida right now, and their protection against the virus. I’d like prayers for our mode of transportation and that we have something that helps us get around and help others. I am grateful for all of you, for our church, and our family and friends.

* Colleen – Prayers that God keeps us healthy in every way possible, our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Thanks for everybody for their continued prayers for my health situation and my mother and her boyfriend in Texas. Prayers for the current situation I am dealing with.

* Kate – Prayers for all people of the world suffering in one way or another from the coronavirus, that we have speedy and safe vaccines. Also, prayers for the innumerous animals around the planet that are going extinct. If there is some way to slow that process and create healing for plants and animals, I pray for that. I pray to God in the presence of witnesses to slow down climate change, however that can happen.

* Rob – Prayers for our church community and their friends and family. Prayers for peace on Earth, goodwill between all people and towards our Earth and the plants and species on it.

* Lou – Prayers for Amy, who had been doing better, but is now feeling worse. Prayers for Russ’s roommate Ken, who has been having some problems, so prayers for Russ and Ken.

* Sherri – All the people and animals that might be out in the cold. Prayers that it warms up.

* Davey – Prayers for all my sisters to be well, and Amy to be well. I ask that God handles everything in Washington, and helps our President and Congress to do the right things.


Closing Prayer: Dear God in Heaven we bring our lives to you. We are here to worship, but we are here to submit our need for you, and our great desire for your love, and to show you love and show each other love. We pray that you will guide us in our path to you, that this great commission of loving you and loving each other would be in our hearts constantly and that you would show us ways to do that and ways to success in these great goals. I pray for each person that has brought a pray request for individuals that need your touch, for Amy and for those that are not with us, Vince and Tami and Lee, and all those that were not able to join us. We pray that you give them a path back to this fellowship, that they will depend on you, and that you will heal them when healing is needed, but provide a way that they can join our fellowship as well. Bless all those that need your touch for their spirits and their thoughts, in everything that we know you care for us, that you provide for all of our needs, and that you seek to heal us in whatever healing we need, that this is a difficult world and the path to that healing can be difficult, but, as scripture says, nothing can separate us from the love of God, so help us to avail ourselves of your love, your healing, and your care, and as we come to you and get your strength, that you will strengthen us in loving each other and in loving this world, the individuals in it, nature, our government systems, those throughout the world that have issues with their governments, that you would heal us all. You are in our hearts as we know we are in yours, and we love you as we love each other. Bless us in that love.

REQUESTS AS OF 1/24/2021:

* Diane – Prayers for Vince and his sister since they had to put their dog to sleep. Prayers for comfort and strength for them. Prayers for everybody in the world and mother Earth, and rejoice that we have somebody new in government office. Grateful that people we know are getting through and are improving.

* Colleen – Give God thanks that we now have Biden & Harris in the White House. Prayers for Kenny and his family as they grieve the loss of his brother. Thanks to God for the stimulus checks so I can continue treatment. Prayers for all of us and everybody who isn’t us for all of our health needs, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and any other aspect of our health. Thanks for continued prayers for my mother and her boyfriend in Texas, and Covid doesn’t spread to them. Praise God for Louis and for his awesome sermons.

* Kate – Prayers for everybody on Earth suffering from the covid virus either directly or indirectly. I ask for help and assistance in keeping people from becoming terminal with covid, and a special prayer for children and teens who have been so heavily affected by the virus. Praises for the vaccines and prayers that they are safe and effective. Also, prayers for the species of the world that are going extinct, and that they can hold on, and I ask God to please mitigate climate change, slow it down, and change it, so that it is not so destructive.

* Rob – Prayers for everyone’s health, and prayers for peace on Earth, goodwill between all people and towards our Earth and the species on it. Praises for everyone in our church community. Prayers for Amy.

* Lou – Thank God we are getting vaccines out, and hopefully this vaccine will still be effective against the new strains of covid. Prayers for our leaders and our new president and vice president and that they will lean on God and look for him for guidance.

REQUESTS AS OF 1/17/2021:*

* Diane – Praise for the beautiful snow that we had a few weeks ago. Prayers for the planet and all the living things on it. Prayers that I can increase my dependency on God, and hope that other people find their God.

* Rich – Asks that you keep his sister and her companion for 30 years, who has filed for divorce, in your thoughts and prayers, that they find the spiritual guidance to move forward, the strength within themselves to find the emotional and physical health they will need to get through the coming weeks and months as they decide whether or not the divorce will be final or whether or not they will try to turn that around.

* Kate – Prayers for all the people of the world and their suffering with the coronavirus, especially children and teenagers. I pray for a safe vaccine that gets out to people as quickly as possible. Prayers that God slows down climate change. We are really going into a very dangerous time, so I really ask God to slow down climate change. Dear God help us save the species of the world that are going extinct at a very alarming rate.

* Vince – Prayers for our church and all of our members and their needs. Prayers for my little Sparky.

* Lou – Thank God for each of you here. Prayers that each of us will be sensitive to these prayer requests. Know that I love each of you, and take very seriously my responsibility, not that I’m anything special in that we each have a responsibility to other members of the Body of Christ. I hope if there is anything that I can do to help anyone that you let me know. What better thing can our lives be used for, but to help our fellow man and to pray for each other, and lift up God and praise God for his goodness to us. Prayers for Amy.

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