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Daily Devotional for April 9


April 2                                                                    John 14:1-7

April 9                                                           John 21:15-25


                   We haven't been close, you know,
                                   Not like before.
      When the will was read, embarrassed, I heard,
                  "My possessions and estate to go
                       To my second son, William."
                       They hated me then. I guess
                                  I might have too.
              My father's face rose behind my eyes,
                  Grey against the hospital sheets.
                        "I'll leave it to you, son.
  Make it fair. I love you all. Please tell them."
I tried to divide it up, to give the others theirs.
                        They were caught in hating.
            Couldn't hear how much he'd loved them.
                      They never took their shares,
               You know, and we haven't been close.

Dear Creator,
I get lost sometimes. I forget that my job is to follow you, to
keep my own heart on track. It's so difficult to look at the
gifts of others - material and spiritual - and not be envious
or imitative. I need to remember that my walk with you is
unique, that my relationship with you is formed by the par-
ticular combination of personality/spirit/mind that I am. You
speak to me in a way that I recognize, and I must answer in
a voice that is my own. It is so easy for me to misunderstand
that which others have and want it for myself. You have given
me so much, I must see that and be grateful.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  

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