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Daily Devotional for June 3

June 3                                                               Luke 16:19-31

How often there seems to open up a chasm of misunderstand-
ing between me and you. The fires of Hades burn in my bones
as my pride and hurt and longing all battle for attention. I find
no bridge over which to cross the gulf. I call out to you, but
you seem to be no longer listening. I cry out to God to send
you over that my thirst for relationship might be quenched.

But God will have no part of my scheming. The chasm only
widens, protecting you from my projections of irresponsibility
and need. I look across the gulf at you lying in the bosom of
Abraham. I feel abandoned. My hurt becomes anger and

Surely you have brought this upon us. How many years have
you lain outside my gate, not complaining that I have not asked
you into my house and my heart? I have watched as others
knelt to feed you from the fruits of their plenty, from the
depths of their own need. Our eyes have met as you glanced
my way and happened to catch me staring. Your smile moved

All the day long I lie about waiting for time to pass, but time
seems to stand still in my emptiness. Am I lost forever in the
fires of my struggle? Where are you, my friend? Why haven't
you come by now to bridge the gulf, to quench my thirst, to
mend our broken relationship?

Could it be that the chasm of struggle is my resistance to your
need? Could God be calling me to build the bridge, to open
the door to my heart?

             Holy Spirit show me the building materials
       of relationship that I may open wide my gate, that
    I may tear down my door, that I may render my house
        the temple of God. Help me to build relationship
                       out of the rubble of my walls.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C

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