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Daily Devotional for February 28

February 28                                                      John 7:37-52

              "... no prophet is to rise from Galilee."

In a continuing debate, the Pharisees attempt to find grounds
for dismissing Jesus. Each time they seek to brush aside his
witness, someone comes forward to proclaim, "No one ever
spoke like this man."

The words of Christ tend to throw people into confusion. The
players in the story are divided about who Jesus is. "... some
of the people said, 'This is really the prophet.' Others said,
'This is the Christ. ' " Jesus, however, simply says, "Whoever
believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of that one's
heart shall flow rivers of living water.' "

Beside the questions and debate about who Jesus is and the
attempts to prove Jesus could not be a prophet, Jesus' words
rise like a tower of truth. All human communities with their
pressing issues and arguments come to a hush and silence as
our spirits consider the promise of Christ. Christ stands in our
midst speaking truth, offering healing, and the refreshment
of living water in the spirit. So often we join in the debate
on the side of those who cannot conceive that a prophet could
come from Galilee. Are we offended by Christ? Jesus did not
meet the expectations of his day. Does Christ now meet ours?

In reading the Gospel we may spend a lot of time questioning
Christ, as well as Christ's authority and origins. When all the
questions cease, however, we are left looking at Christ's
power, promise, and truth. We are left to say with the soldiers,
"No one ever spoke like this man."

When we are done questioning, will we follow, seeking in
Christ the living water? The test of whether or not Jesus is
the one he claims to be comes when we look to see whether
or not we receive what Jesus promised. When we look, there
is no more need to question. Bring to Christ your need. We
will find infinitely more than we had expected.

             Jesus, you spoke of a river of living water
                            from my heart. I thirst.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.


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