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Daily Devotional for March 6


March 6                                                                John 6:1-15

              There Will Be Enough

In today's world we receive the message that we are running
out of everything and, by implication, that there is not enough
for everyone. This "theology of scarcity" says, in the language
of the street, "you only go around once in life, so grab for
all that you can get."

Today's Scripture belies this attitude. Jesus takes the offering
of one person, a little lad with five loaves and two fish, and
feeds five thousand. In a theology of abundance, God's
arithmetic is five thousand to one!

In more practical terms, when we make ourselves available
to God to be used, as did the little boy, God can make our
efforts five thousand times what we could have done on our
own. Such is the economy of the Spirit.

Therefore, on a daily basis, I approach God and make myself
- my will and my life - available to God to be used. I find
not only that my life goes more smoothly, but that my inter-
actions with the earth and with other people go more smoothly

                          Great and wondrous God,
                   help me to learn what you can do
            with one surrendered and obedient person.
             Today I offer myself to you to do your will.
                 Help me to know your will and to do it
                       with all my heart and strength.

from The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C

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