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Daily Devotional for June 18


June 18                                                            John 1:43-51

I fought with my spouse this morning. The misunderstanding
exploded as we were caught up in ourselves, unable to see
and know one another. She sizes me up based on external
signals such as body language and tone of voice. I approach
her more intuitively, sometimes all but ignoring the sights and
sounds. We seem so different, so separate as we pass each other
this way, never touching the real one within.

There is healing for us and all our relationships in the story
of Jesus and Nathanael. Jesus saw him under the fig tree,
recognized the truth that lay within him, and chose him as
a disciple even though Nathanael had no comprehension or
appreciation of the vision Jesus held for him. Nathanael was
deeply touched and full of awe that he was not only recognized
but understood for who he was.

Receive this same touch now. Call forth the unintended
misunderstandings, slights, and hurts that sometimes fill your
days. Let yourself experience the pain so that you can release
it. Allow Jesus to affirm the truth that lies deep within you.
Take the time to feel this affirmation so that you can recall
it when you need it. Like Nathanael, you are seen and known,
respected and loved simply for who you are.

Take time today in prayer to receive and accept fully the
affirmation that Jesus has for you. Pray, too, for the freedom
to see and know, to love and respect the truth that lies within
your sisters and brothers, however different it may be from
your own.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  

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