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Daily Devotional for September 24


September 24                                                     Luke 3:1-18

In today's Gospel we see John the Baptist ministering to the
people and announcing salvation. Why were so many people
willing to listen to John? Perhaps it was because he offered
them new hope. Giving specific examples, he encouraged them
to make changes in their lives that would make salvation
possible. Above all, however, in everything that John did, he
pointed the way to the one who was mightier than himself.
The central focus of his ministry was showing people the way
to God.

John the Baptist was not all that different from you and me.
We, too, are called to lead people to repentance, to assist them
in making the changes in their lives that will make this salva-
tion possible, and to lead them to Christ, the source of

In order to fulfill this call, we do not need to go out to a desert
wilderness; we can fulfill this ministry by bearing witness to
Christ in our everyday lives. Whether at home, at work, or
at play, we can, by the quality of our presence, be as available
and ready today as John was two thousand years ago to tell
others the good news.

Today, allow God to guide you to the ones who need to hear
the good news, just as people were guided by the Spirit to John
the Baptist. Never be overbearing or boastful. Simply and
gently allow the Holy Spirit to work through you to touch
others in need and point the way to Christ.

        Dear Lord, allow me to be the instrument
                           that you use today.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989

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