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Daily Devotional for December 21


December 21                                               Matthew 25:1-13

There wasn't anything especially significant about the ten
women in today's Gospel; they were all pretty normal. They
were all ready for the wedding during the daylight hours, and
they all slept when the night came.

Now, falling asleep wasn't such a terrible thing to do; in fact,
it was probably a good idea to take a little nap right before
the wedding celebration. Where five of these women fell short,
though, was in their failure to make adequate preparation. Five
were smart and had extra oil for the lamps; the other five didn't
seem to think beyond what to wear.

Jesus is teaching us to watch for the second coming, to be
vigilant so as to be adequately prepared for the judgment, since
we cannot know when it is to come. The five who were ready
with extra oil for their lamps were ready to meet Jesus at the
judgment, but the five who hadn't made adequate prepara-
tions lacked the resources to enter into the celebration and
meet the bridegroom face to face.

In the daytime, the wise and unwise seemed alike. It was only
at midnight, when the test came, that the lack of preparation
of the unwise showed.

What oil shall we prepare for our lamps? Prayer, faithfulness,
ministry to those in need, support for the church, worship,
study, and a life that reflects the Gospel - these make up the
oil that will light our lamps for salvation.

                                      Divine Host
             help me to prepare so that I will not miss
 the feast that you have prepared for me. Keep me ready
                  and watchful for your coming. Amen.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.198

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