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Daily Devotional for May 6

May 6                                                                 Luke 9:37-50

How the disciples must have tried Jesus' patience! They wanted
to be effective ministers. They seemed generally committed
and, when pressed, said they longed to be instruments of
heavenly healing and restoration. At the same time, they often
operated out of fear, dependency, competition, judgment, and
pride. As a result, their ministries were sometimes impotent.

How tempting it must have been for Jesus to consider walking
away and doing a one-man show! Or raising up a structure
that would permit only the most docile devotees! These
options must have seemed attractive, even efficient, given the
little time Jesus knew he had.

Jesus also knew that God is not a God of isolation and
autocratic power, but rather a God of partnership, covenants,
and co-creativity. And so, risking the possibility that some
might not be healed, that others might be offended, and that
God's work might be at least temporarily diluted, Jesus elected
to live out his call in the midst of a very human community.
Although disappointed and frustrated, he continued to instruct
and encourage his friends, showing faith in their leadership
potential. As his term on earth drew to a close, Jesus steadily
and thoughtfully placed his beloved earth and all its inhabitants
in the hands of amateur lovers.

     Consider your own life and ambitions. Where do you
     strive to hold the reins of power and control? When
     do you feel most frustrated? Judgmental? Impotent?
     Competitive? Now reflect on the patience and
     presence of the resurrected Christ. Imagine the two
     of you sharing, friend to friend, over a pot of tea.
     Believe that Christ cares about the details of your
     story, and allow yourself the luxury of absolute
     honesty. Relax. Listen. Receive perfect respect, perfect
     understanding, perfect instruction, perfect love.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C

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