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Daily Devotional for June 11


June 11                                                          Matthew 15:29-39

In today's Scripture passage, Jesus pointed out to his disciples
that the people gathered together had a problem: they had had
nothing to eat for thre
e days.

     As I open myself to God today I allow the Holy Spirit
     to point out problems which exist right under my
     nose, problems I can't seem to solve using my
     natural resources.

The disciples couldn't help the people. They had only seven
loaves and a few small fishes, hardly enough to feed them all.

     Often I find myself saying to God, "I don't have the
     resources to take care of this need. There doesn't
     seem to be anything I can do."

Using the resources the disciples provided, Jesus took care of
the problem by the power of God.

     The Holy Spirit responds to needs right under my
     nose, using whatever resources I have.

The disciples had been with Jesus for many days, witnessing
miracle after miracle, and still they felt limited by the few
resources at their disposal, helpless to respond to the need
of the people. Jesus had to point out the need and the answer.

     I have witnessed the Holy Spirit performing miracle
     after miracle as long as I have known God, and still
     I find myself all too often responding to the Spirit's
     promptings by saying, "I don't have the resources
     to answer that need." The Holy Spirit continues to
     show me that, with God as my source, my resources
     are all-sufficient to fill every need.

Have you experienced this sequence of events in your life?
Can we grow beyond our limited perspective into God's
vision? Use the resources at your disposal to ask for God's
transformation and direction today.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  

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