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Daily Devotional for June 7


June 7                                                          Luke 17:20-37

I look into the starry night, into the sunlit day. I seek in my
neighbor, in the cards. Somewhere I'll find signs of the
presence of God. I search for signs, yet I don't know what
I expect to find. How will I know when I have found God's

I look everywhere. Exhaustion and defeat set in and I retire
in despair. There may not be a reality of God. All around me
seems to be in chaos. Life goes on. God could not be here.

I retreat and wrap myself tightly to protect my faith from those
who would lead me astray. They phone me and say, "Look
here, I have found one who has God. Come with me tonight."
I hesitate, and yet I have nowhere else to look.

I turn to prayer. I ask for assurance. Does God really care?
How will I know when I have found God's presence? Some
seem so spiritual. Is that God's presence? Am I unsaved if I
don't feel spiritual? God, I need a sign. I want to know.

And surely God gives me a sign. I begin to pray. I let go of
the outside world. I stop comparing my spiritual state with
that of others. I pray. Relaxation comes over me. I pray. God's
presence comes over me. I begin to feel myself in relation-
ship with God.

Try it today. Get comfortable. Relax. Let go of your anxiety.
Open yourself to God's presence. Allow signs of God's love
to flood your being. Experience the reality of God right here
in your own presence. Your very life is a sign of God's

Bow your head, release yourself to God. Experience the
presence of God and feel the reality of God within you... .

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.198

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