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Daily Devotional for February 20


February 20                                                     John 4:27-42

    "It is no longer because of your words that we believe,
                  for we have heard for ourselves... ."

The friends of the Samaritan woman rushed to see Jesus. Her
testimony caused them to seek him out. Her testimony was
that in Jesus all the truth of her life became clear and visible.
Her secrets, hidden from others, had become the good news
she wanted to tell. Perhaps she knew her friends held secrets
also. Hidden and buried secrets often torment the soul. It takes
so much energy to hide our lives. Every human heart has need
to be released from holding so much in secret. Christ unbur-
dened the woman at the well. Her new freedom gave her joy.

It was a testimony to truth that brought the crowd of friends
to Jesus, but it was their personal encounter with the truth
that caused them to stay. They said, "... we have heard for
ourselves." It is one thing to keep company with Christians
because of their testimony about what Christ has done for
them, but unless all of us have the experience of hearing Christ
for ourselves, our faith may not be lasting.

But when we have encountered Christ personally and heard
the truth of the meaning and purpose of life for ourselves, then
we can say "... we know that this is indeed the Saviour of
the world." Like the friends of the woman at the well, we then
rejoice that we, too, have heard the good news and been
unburdened of our secrets.

         God, speak to me that I may hear your truth for
      myself Then give me the courage to tell my story to
  others so they will seek you out. Lord, I believe that you
         work today, just as you worked in the life of the
              woman from Samaria. My eyes are open
                    to see your wonder, my ears long
                                to hear your truth.

from The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C

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