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Daily Devotional for July 19


July 19                                                              Mark 2:13-22

How many mornings have you awakened wishing for
something new? A new job, or home, or car, or clothing? We
sometimes find we just have a yearning for some change. On
the other hand, many of us are totally dependent on the con-
stancy of the old and familiar. We see anything new or different
as a violation of the established order of the world.

Today Jesus comes with something new. He proclaims that
he and his ministry represent the inauguration of a new era.
He eats with tax collectors and other sinners, and he announces
that they are the people to whom he comes as "physician."
His detractors point to the fasting of John's disciples: Is this
not the tried and true way of devotion and purification? Not
so. Jesus is the special guest, the bridegroom among them
whose message and behavior represent new wine worthy of
new wineskins.

Jesus makes no apology for his behavior, message, or associa-
tions, which are neither careless nor accidental. They are
intended to express news of new life, new freedom, and new
acceptance. It is a new morning, filled with new light on the
meaning of salvation and redemption. Acceptance is opened
to all, especially to those who need it most. Jesus knows the
past, but his Gospel is for the creation of a new age and for
the empowerment of a new people.

It has always been too easy to cautiously comfort and isolate
ourselves with the traditions and rites of the past. This is not
the path Jesus offers us. Instead, when Jesus enters our lives,
it is with something transforming and new. Perhaps today it
would be good to listen to his invitation to hear the "news."

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.198

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