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Daily Devotional for October 30

October 30                                                   Matthew 12:43-50

Preacher Dwayne, as his friends call him, grew up the eldest
child in a fatherless, dirt-poor family of nine. He missed out
on college and a lot of other things that are considered
necessary to make a person sophisticated. The small Baptist
churches of south Georgia are as far from his backwoods
Florida home as Preacher Dwayne has ever been.

But he is a happy man who feels at ease with strangers and
content with his life. He can boast that, although he stands
more than six feet five inches tall and wears size fifteen shoes,
he is the runt of his family. His brothers are all bigger and his
sisters almost as big, he claims with a hearty laugh.

Preacher Dwayne works weekdays as a trainer at my neighbor-
hood weight room. The job is an easy one and gives him a
chance to do the things he loves. He spends much of his time
munching peanuts, joking with buddies, reading his Bible, and
witnessing about God.

Now you'd be hard pressed to find two people more different
than Preacher Dwayne and I. Just physically considered, his
neck is thicker than my thigh.

But a few similarities do exist. We both belong to persecuted
minority groups. We both are struggling to be better Christians.
We both have felt the Holy Spirit in our lives and are struggling
to answer God's call.

On Monday mornings when I hear Preacher Dwayne humming
a hymn and see his ragged Bible nearby, I know he, too, has
felt the wonder that comes from knowing God's love.

Despite all the differences, we share a beautiful bond. We are
brothers in Christ. We are family.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989  23

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