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Daily Devotional for June 8


June 8                                                                 Luke 18:1-8

The faithful pray persistently. But do the persistent pray

Sometimes prayer yields answers that we don't recognize. One
who has much prays for more and does not recognize in the
loss of material wealth the providence of God. One prays for
health and does not realize that in sickness God teaches many

Jesus encourages us to pray persistently and then wonders if
there will be any of the faithful left to greet the reality of God.
Will there? If I know what I want from God and don't
recognize the hidden blessing in God's answer, I will not be
faithful to the end. I will instead begin to delude myself with
the thought that, because I have not had my way with God,
God could not be on my side.

It is only through reflection that we discern the answers to
our prayers. Look back over your day, week, month, year.
Think of the prayers you have spoken aloud and in your heart.
Have your prayers been answered? Did God's response match
your request? When it did not, what did you learn from God's
response to your request?

We humans are so finite. We see so little of God's realm. The
possibilities we can foresee for our lives and our world are
so very limited. Fortunately for us, God answers our prayers
out of God's own wealth of possibility for us, not out of our
limited awareness. [... and God's answer is ALWAYS out of

God's love for us! L.M.]

Go to God in prayer today. Seek God's presence. Let go of
the cares of your world. Let go of the responses you want from
God. Let God come up with the response which can best draw
you into God's faithfulness and truth. Trust in faith that God
knows the best answer to your need. Surrender your prayer
to God's care. God answers prayer faithfully.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.

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