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Daily Devotional for October 16

October 16                                                     Matthew 10:5-15

Bright red, yellow, and orange snapdragons create a three foot
wide rainbow on Mark's lawn. Each flower's spike is abloom,
packing the garden with a mass of color so thick that the
ground, and indeed the leaves, are hidden. But, when compli-
mented on the snapdragons, Mark simply shakes his head.
"They're getting there," he says.

In Florida, autumn's milder days create beautiful gardens of
"spring" flowers. But try as I might, I can't imagine how Mark's
garden can improve. Although they're only snapdragons,
flowers don't get any better than his.

But I can't see the garden through Mark's eyes. Only he, as
its creator, knows what it is capable of. Only he knows what
he expects of his garden and its simple snapdragons.

Perhaps when Jesus looked over the twelve disciples, he, too,
would have said, "They're getting there." Surely, the disciples
must have felt that they had gone through much already. They
had left their homes, families, and jobs to risk death by follow-
ing the Saviour. They had been led through much, seen much,
and heard much. How could they possibly improve? What
more remained for them?

But when Jesus gave them their marching orders, he made it
clear that their journeys had just begun. They would exper-
ience much more as they continued Christ's work. Their
ministry would grow and blossom, but not without toil.

Christ wanted them to prosper, fulfilling God's plan for their
lives. Their Creator knew what they were capable of becom-
ing as well as the obstacles that lay in their way.

The situation is no different for us. We can only hope that
Christ believes "we're getting there."

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.1989    

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