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Daily Devotional for January 23


January 23                                                         Mark 5:21-43

The woman who had suffered severe bleeding for twelve years
believed wholeheartedly that she would be well if she could
only touch your clothing, Jesus. Mark's Gospel today tells us
that she touched your cloak and was healed immediately.

Jairus, too, kneeling at your feet, begged you to cure his twelve-
year-old daughter by touching her. You took her by the hand,
told her to arise, and she walked.

The woman, Jairus, and you yourself believed in the power
of your touch. Today your touch, through me and others, still
holds the power to transform lives, to bring meaning and
significance into a lonely or despairing world.

In the North American and British culture, we are so often
afraid to touch, or we interpret another's touch wrongly
because of the sexual overtones we associate with physical
contact. In our society, people seem to have lost the willingness
to be warm and human, to touch another with simple caring.

Jesus, use your power of touch once again through me. May
my touch comfort another's grief and my hearty handshake
say, "I'd like to know you better." May my hugs tell someone
that I care and my arm around another's shoulder show that
I am a friend.

Jesus, let me also experience the power of your touch through
others. Help me to appreciate the feel of human skin without
interpreting another's touch as a sexual message. Give me once
in a while the gift of a relaxing body massage to ease my stress
and tensions.

Help me today, dear God, to "reach out and touch someone."

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C

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