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Daily Devotional for June 10

June 10                                                          Luke 18:15-30

Each time I move from one home to another I throw out my
possessions and start over again. At least that's what I vow
to do, and try to do, and fail to do. Actually, I examine my
treasures, contemplate their importance in my life story, and
pack them up again, vowing to examine them again in the new

Sometimes letting go of my treasures feels like letting go of
my identity. Who am I without my possessions? Who am I
without the comforts and conveniences I have worked hard
for and gathered around me?

But God desires to see my identity clad only in the glory of
God's love for me. God desires to love me for who I really
am, rather than for my career titles, prestigious address, fancy
car, or family heritage. If I use these to tell the world who
I am, then my allegiance will surely be to my possessions, and
the eye of the needle will not be big enough for all of me to
pass through.

Come to God this morning clad only in God's love for you.
Stand in front of a full length mirror. Experience yourself as
you see yourself reflected. Take in the beauty reflected in your
mirror, a human who is a beloved creation of God, the one
who makes no mistakes.

Tell yourself that God loves you just as you are. Affirm yourself
again and begin to believe it. Appreciate your uniqueness, your
completeness as one created by God. Give yourself permission
to feel God's love for you. Realize that anything you put on,
add on, or hold onto does not enhance your stature one bit
in the eyes of your creator. Keep that image today as you move
through your world, affirming that "God loves me just as I

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C

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