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Daily Devotional for April 25


April 25                                                             Luke 8:1-15


                       They were her passion.
                 Exquisite pieces of vision -
                         Tiny chips of spirit
                  Fashioned of time and pain.
                Flowers, birds, clouds, stars
                         To an untrained eye.
                   Agony. Tracings of courage
             Poured millimeter by millisecond
             Through the stiffness of a brush
                      Held in clenched teeth.
              Held to tell a springtime story
               Or a roughened tree bark truth
           All but forgotten by the stiffened
                       Limbs so motionless at
                                    Her side.

Dear Creator,
I waste a lot of time thinking that if I were really talented or
brilliant I would be a better instrument for your use. It is, I
think, my excuse for not putting my energy into the many real
and meaningful contributions that I am capable of making.
Then I experience someone whom I would have thought to
be "poor soil" blooming and brightening some small corner
of the planet. And those that I would have considered "fer-
tile ground" making no contribution at all. Since I have some
control over how "fertile" I am as soil for your garden, help
me rid myself of some of the rocks and begin to produce richly
the fruit of your love.

From The Road to Emmaus - An inclusive devotional Edited by Joseph W. Houle

Emmaus House of Prayer - Washington D.C.


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